Old. I guess the snake would really fall over in that position?

Added 1969-12-31


AlienI like drawing rounded things. The symbol on the tunic doesn't mean anything, in case you're wondering.
lnp4668It looks like a crescent moon swallow a star imo
fantasyfreaki think round stuff is easier to draw, too. and yes, i think the snake would fall over.
fantasyfreakstill looks cool, though.
KittenI imagine a prins trying to defeat a big snake. I guess he won't win the princess though...
starmaidenpoor guy. ouch!
BronzeLoL! Gotta hate when that happens. Lovely serpentine dragon, or snake... large...snake.. *Cringe*... okay I'm sticking with dragon, don't like snakes :). Anyway, before I ramble anymore let me say, I love this, very cute... oddly. *hugs the dragon-snake thing*^.^
LemonHey, look at it this way: the snake is going to roll so the guy is flung in the air, lands on his head and dies. Oh yes, his weapon would land on him too. o_o; Sorry, I like it when the "badguy" wins.
AmethystLooks quite gorry. YAY!!! I love blood. The snake/ dragon thing is Awesome!!!!
pen15the elf girl is hot
DrygonHmmm...snake head remindes me of a certan orange & blue dragon... :P
Moonclawquote:"Hmmm...snake head remindes me of a certan orange & blue dragon...:p." Thats gotta hurt a lot though having your arm almost ripped off by a snake.
Shadow PhoenixCaution! Hitting ginormous snakes with maces can be bad for your health. Can cause bleeding, heart palpitations, nightmares, overcautiousness, and bending of the laws of physics.
I like the snake. It looks rather vengeful. Bad elf kid! And yeah, it's much easier to draw curvy things than angular ones. It's too easy to get angles ever so slightly wrong. That's why all my dragon illustrations are all curvy.


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