Splash hops the mermaid

Caress the sunlight, soon it's dusky.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienContradiction in action.
lnp4668I thinks your b/w are much better than your colors.
CoyoThere's a lot of latent emotion here.
KittenLove it, it this new? I think I've seen it before, and I love the action... Don't put on colors on this, it's best like it is right now :)
AlienAre you sure, kitten? Look here what a fabulous job Redman did of coloring it: http://the-red.org/Artwork/cb-merm-sun_color.png
The mind boggles.
starmaidencoooooooooooollllllllll ^.~
xanderserenity personified
BuzzyReminds me of when I climb my favorite tree, and then gaze over the horizon.
DragonmasterJust a warning, the link is bad. It made my computer go wonky for a little while.

The site has been deleted or something...
DragonRyderIs it a pixie or a mermaid or both?

Very cool!
BIGJust beautyful!
AlienIndeed, bad link. It's now here:
Make sure you check out his other stuff too, he's a great artist.


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