Wood Elves

A wood elven prince and his protector. Can't tell who's which, can you?

Added 1969-12-31


AlienPretty bad picture all in all, but hey, the swords actually look straightish. That is quite an achievement for me.
lnp4668I could tell :P
CoyoMust be his older sister, they have the same eyes.
BIG momBad or good? Please leave that to our judgment. You do the work, and we do the comments!
fantasyfreaki luv these elves! they both look so cool...
fantasyfreakhey-it took off my smiley!
garnetxvery nice...but it took me a while to realise which one was a boy....then again it took me a while to believe that either of them are boys...
starmaidenyeah, they both sorta look like girls, sorry. But I like that you made the "protector" a girl. go you!
likesshinythingsHint on gender--look at the chest. Sorry, but it's true. Very nice pic, me like.
likesshinythingsHint on gender--look at the chest. Sorry, but it's true. Very nice pic, me like.
xander..umm, near sword hilt would make it interesting to fight with, in most stlyes. turn it 180
krazzyi like how you make the woodelves so ditinguishable and tough looking. ( why do male and female elves have hourglass figures
Drygonthe cloth on the boy looks more expensiver
DrygonBut is dressed plainer enemys will go for her and he gets away
krazzyDrygon i like your thinkin'!!!
Drygonhes hert
DrygonHe has brown eyes as opposed to green, Coyo
BenneyChaosThe one of the right has boobs, so I'm guess it's the female. I'm envious of any artist that can shade (for the life of me I've never been able to) Oh wait.. the one of the left has a frilly dress looking thing on under the green thing. Love the details, but very androgynous.
WeaverI like the picture and I have to agree that they look funny because both of them are shaped like girls. The clothes are awesome and the daggers (I'm assuming them to be daggers) are unique. Congrats on my "seal of approval" I've seen very few hand drawen pictures that could get facial features and hand features right. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being best) I give it a 9.5. Really.
AryaAre you sure that there is a prince in there? It looks like they both are girls, or boys. Ohh, what the heck, I like it way much. I just love Elves and I think that this is a very nice description of the Wood Elves.
Merlinangeli could tell immediately that the one on the R is a girl and the one on the L is the guy...therefore, the one on the left must be the prince
Dryg0nBennyChaos, IT'S A TUNIC, NOT A DRESS!
raisini saw the daggers and thought that that elf had to be the protector...she also looks meaner.
raisinscratch that, the prince looks meaner but the protector looks tougher.
banana headkul.... but iz it rreally a guy?!
You Know Who I AmI can tell, yes :)


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