The three characters in this image were made for a comic in collaboration with the Worldforge project. Other characters were used.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThe light is a lense flare. Lazy mayhaps, though I worked on the lights for days before settling on that.
lnp4668Ooh, an actual dwarf.
CoyoHe's too small for a dwarf even. A gnome, I assume.
fantasyfreakaww,dey killed da dwagon! i WIKE dwagons!
KittenLike the picture. They look so proud. Nice title.
starmaidenI agree with fantasyfreak, poor dragon! But otherwise, cool pic.
FireBallLooks like a halfing to me... :D

Nice picture, dragon's face is a little relaxed... you kow, it having just been killed and all.
krazzyfireball they oviously killed it in it's sleep... dragons a very formiddible for just three people.
PixieJesstrue krazzy. but they may have sneaked up from behind to steal the fabled treasure and killed it then.
PixieJessor it may have been ready to die or afraid of the humans.
I could go on and on. But either way the picture looks great alien!!
PixieJesswell, the human elf and dwarf anyway
PixieJessgood work on the blood
Drygondragons kinda small, don't ya think :y
krazzypoor baby dragon...
BuzzyLOVE the dwarf's hair and beard.
AryaIs that an Elf and Human or an Elf and an Elf?? Do's the Elf have magical powers? It's OK fantasyfreak, I am crazy for mythical beings, too. At least the Dragon died in peace. Stupid dwarf.
DragonRyderThose evil evildoers killed a dragon!!!!
FaticiaIt just dawned on me that maybe Alien's guys would look more masculine if they did not have such petite waists. I don't know if this observation is just me or...
It is a sweet picture, though!
FaticiaThat and maybe if the guys had squarer jaws...
Sorry! Just trying to help...
FaticiaAnd I'm not done... correction on what I just said: squarer chins. Not necessarily squarer jaws... Ok, I think I am done!


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