The lighting is far off for an undersea view, but otherwise I think it turned out well. Someone's even used it as desktop wallpaper!

Added 1969-12-31


lnp4668Needs more boob :P
EikanThen the mermaid wouldn't be fast and streamlined.
Silverwolflnp does have a minor point. It looks androgynous. Mermaid, merman, it's some kind of mercreature.
fantasyfreakFor some reason, it seems to me more mysterious cause you can't tell its gender...o.O
AlienIt is some sort of mercreature. Most people can't tell a bear's gender on sight, so why would it be obvious on merpeople?
starmaideninteresting that you would use a bear as an example... anyway, I like how it's different from the stereyotipical mermaid. I also really like the jewlry!
BIGMagic! Absolutely great!
PixieJessI think it is a very good picture. But you wierdo stereotypes think that it is bad because it doesn't look like a girl or boy. GRRRRRRAARR!!!!!!
eekeeIt's a mer-alien ^_^ very cool pic
eekeemake that 2 people who have it as wallpaper. ;D The mer... um... dude :D just looks sooo cool! ^_^
BuzzyWoah! This is good. My favorite parts are the extra fins and the jewelry.
DragonmasterThat looks like my 'fish dude (informal name ^_^)' Except mine has wing-ish thingies and support for the fins.

Scary. o.o
Blue River It's so amazing,looks like the
mer-persons gliding.
FantasyfanaticI like, and personally i think it's a gut because of it's necklase.
i've seen alot of people draw mer-creatures like that, but i like this kind better.
Shadow PhoenixOOO, pretty, I like the jewelry. It looks like the merperson found it in a shipwreck and added personal touches (pretty rocks, shells, random beads, etc.). There's a sense of history to it.


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