Can't get rid of the squares, sorry.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienThis one is old, but some people like it. Does anyone here?
lnp4668nice images
MithandirYes, very nice i-mages (Mithandir gets beaten up by the pun police)
fantasyfreakActually, it looks kinda cool with the squares. you also get more points 'cause they're both elves. elves is cool.
KittenYES! I have said it before, and I will say it again: I love this picture! Thank you again for adding colours, it turned out just as I expected: Very nice!!!
xanderif any monster eats them, how many "square" meals does it get?and a lot of "points" on the squares....
maybe they're trying to "divide" and conquer? Possibly inspecting "quarters"

I'm bad
Nyergudsnice :)

I mostly draw on squared paper... but the squares are blue, and I draw in pencil. I can filter them out almost completely by splitting the image into red-green-blue layers in PSP7 (gives 3 greyscale images) and taking the blue one.
Cool CatzHi personz!
BenneyChaosOooh... puns are bad, people! But seriously, I had just clicked on the link to see the picture and my thoughts went "Yeah I have trouble with squares t... wow!" I was just totally taken by surprise by how it looks. And I LOVE the emotions in all of the pictures. Granted the emotion in this is "calm lack of" but it's still powerful.
KaasyaIt looks like the viewer is pressed up against a window screen, perhaps seeing these two out in the backyard? Probably on a snowy day, from the background.


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