Drawn from scratch in photoshop. Personal favourite.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienHow is water made realistic? Certainly not like that...
lnp4668Looks rather like a shipwreck sailor.
CoyoUpper legs should not be longer than lower legs, otherwise it would be impossible to crouch.

Good use of colors.
fantasyfreakI like the texture. Maybe I should learn how to use photoshop. Me like...
KittenI liked the water Alien :)
Drygonfoot not have toes
otherwise nice
ArillaI love the hair! That's what caught my eye on the thumbnail. The lighting/shading is good too, and the blendy coloring, I can see why it's a favorite.
krazzyswept away from home... i agree alien the water's not realistic but it's not noticable unless you tell people... and who's the critics?
Linxthis is okey,
Merlinangelthis is great
love the textures
Ajemiipic is cool but the rocks kind of look like cloth. still i know i cant do anything that good!
FaticiaI love how you managed the chemistry of his free-lying limbs... if that made any sense to anyone other than myself. There are mistakes, but the mood of the picture comes out quite well and that ultimately is the only important thing.


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