Pencil sketch, done in 2 minutes or something.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienElf. Teddy bear. Hopefully that should be obvious.
MithandirI really like this one. Yo ucan even see he's male !!!
fantasyfreakCUTE! *ehemm* I mean, eh, very nice.
OrcaNice detail on the face.
KittenNever understood male or female... Anyway, nice drawing!
SillyAwww :)
Solo_BakaAww cute can I hug him too?
Akylai agree with Silly. Awwwwwww :). I think this is my favorite.
xanderlike it. Every kid needs a teddy bear at some point in his life
EllieGods, I love this picture. It's like a portrait!
AnyaStyrzodTwo MINUTES?! That would take me like two HOURS!!!!
raisinI think he looks sad...


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