Banner of no hope

Elf, lying dead by the banner of his kin. The spoils of war are only for the living.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienNot the most optimistic picture, by far. But then again, they might have won.
Fati'aIt would have been a nice picture but it seems is he leaning like that on the pole?There's no possible way to be and still look like your hanging on to that pole with your elbow!
Eikan KilaranMaybe he's not really dead, just mourning motionlessly for his dead kin and his cause...*shrug* don't ask...I have a weird way of interpreting drawings
meepor just pretending to be dead until he has a chance to get away...
FireBallYeah, that pole thing's a little weird, also, the way the stick goes through the leaf is a little "weird" to me...

Anyways, good drawning, keep up the pecimism! :D
OberonWell i dont comment on artwork often :) But i realy love this drawing. I couldnt draw to save my life but i do know what i like and what the feeling i get when looking at artwork.

I didnt realy get the feeling he is already death but more that he is on the border of life and death.

anyhow GREAT drawing :)
xanderyou can do that with leaves and twigs (works best with green ones, mind). and it looks like he's supported with arrows. And the banner- they probably won, if the enemy didn't take or destroy the banner (traditional warfare action)
krazzyif you die in battle and you lose the war and you fight like a mad man you'll live on in the hearts of those who say you fight and live to tell the tale
Dark FlameThat's how most bards tale's end; "And they fought bravely and mightily, but alas, at the end of the day, they fell, but their sacrifice carried their cause to victory." Or something like that. This picture reminds me of a scene in the movie "Glory". When they are all pinned down and the commander takes the flag and tries to rush up the hill, then gets shot, and someone else pickes it up, then he gets shot, etc. It was really sad because they lost anyway.
Ajemiimaybe just me but it looks like it has way too much hair. i dont get how hes like that either xander might be right about the arrows but i cant tell..
ThecatteamFor one thing, that isn't necissarily Leaf. For another.... well nothing more.


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