Mirror Mirror

Saw the movie 'Mulan' today, and it made me think... I wonder what it's like, looking into the mirror, and seeing yourself.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienFull of flaws. It'd be nice to have them pointed out.
MithandirToo much make-up
AkakenI would like to point out that from the angle we see her back, we shouldn't be able to see her breast. But it's a very good picture anyway. ^_^
SilentWillowA nice premise, and I love the hair. Perhaps you should look again at the construction of the face, and at the angle of her ears. They look a bit too 2-D, but with time you'll probably learn how to draw ears at other angles. Beautiful job overall. ^_^
FireBallHer face in the mirror needs to be a bit more angled IMO. The hair is very nice, and the ear is a little flat... Very nice picture, however.
crazyninnythe back is to big and the left arm is to short. eyes are flat and the nose is not right. *blah*
PixieJessicayou should be happy alein it is a nice picture
NastibanDidnt see any flaws that noone else has pointed out :\.
Tho i have to say i really liked the hair.
krazzyhairs well done... i wish i could draw like that...
KayaAlien, I think the hand might be out of proportion. If I put my hand on the back of my head like that (I have about that much hair, as it happens), it covers pretty much the whole base of the skull. The hair and eyes are so fabulous, though. Well done!


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