Wood Elf Archer

Pencil drawing. Whee.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienShirtmidst far far offcenter. Noticed too late, alas.
Nevynhmm..i see it too...but the picture is nicely done besides that!
FireBallNice picture!

Maybe its just me, but I think the quiver would have been better over (his?) shoulder.
xanderthat bow's almost a horse archer short bow- its small.
and the quiver down there has its advantages- juct put the bow down to the waist, and the arrow is in the hand; pull it up, and put the arrow onto the bow- you can draw about as fast.
krazzyonce agian this image shows what horrid artist i am....:'(
>>---------->This is a good picture it resembles the real features of a wood elf (notise the bear feet) i cant tell you how i know this much because u wouldnt beleive me from (unknown)


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