Peace and joy and pastels, oh my!

Added 1969-12-31


AlienPretty old doodle by now. That foot still nags me. *nag*nag*nag* AAH!
MithandirThe foot is fine IMO. I just love this image .... it's so .... aaahhhh (relaxed sigh)
EdorFausOoh, yea, this old one... I really like this one.
A sister of Feith? (I think she's taking a rest to make plans for her next pranks.)?!?!
The BCute. Almost makes me convert to happyhappyism.
SilverwolfLooks more like a sprite than a pixie to me...body and face are very much elfin...I like it.
FireBallVery nice drawning, I like the shading on the flower especially.

Foot is fine IMO as well, two things are strange though:
1) It may just be me, but her wings look a little... heavy for a sprite
2)The flower behind her ears... It's behind both ears, and seemingly behind her hair, too.. so how does it stay there? o.O Am I missing something?
AlienWings might be looking too heavy because they're not transparent enough, as insect wings of that kind usually are.
The flower is put into the 'bun' of hair sticking through its middle. It might seem stiff, but when you have stalks of that size, they tend to stand straight lest they're withered.
Happy happy!
Nevynthe flower behind her ear/in the hair looked a tad wee bit strange to me too....but else the picture is really nice :) (like the rest of your pictures that i've seen...)
*Nevyn starst to sing..."Ooh happy day..."
Nevynstarts even... :p
xanderyeah, doesn't look like peace for long- 'ware, travelers!
krazzynice faery it's so cute...
PixieJessI think it is a realy pretty picture!! I am obsessed with fairys!!!
sisterI have always loved this Alien! I love her skirt, can you make me one? :)
Blue River SOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Empress Catriona of the Cat-ElvesPreeeetty!
PrancyPranceUnicornooh... i want an outfit like that.
bluemeadowsI wonder what shes looking at? maybe waiting for someone to come along and jump on them? i think the wings are fine they would have to be sturdy to carry her. (though she could just as easy be a he?)


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