Another Wall?

Sketch painted in PS.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienJust when you thought freedom was in reach.
Eikan Kilaranhmm....a rishan, maybe? *glomps blue guy (whatever he is)* He's so cute!
Spooni like it! reminds me of the dark elves in EQ. its a good pic, nicely done
Nevynpoor guy...
love the pic tho..
Talonyou do to many boys get some girls in there
krazzy*clears throught* "i'm blue apa dee apa dii i'm blue apa dee apa dii..."
PixieJessicaIs he going through a labrynth or something ??
Moonclawpoor poor, um...person. Love the eyes tho.
EolillAmazon! ^_^ It is, right?
Sonicbunny"Aw, man, another 500 floors? I only wanted some makeup remover..."
Love the expression there.
FantasyfanaticI can just imagine what she's thinking, "Fluffy, why did you ave to fly."


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