The End

Old picture, unfinished. Won't likely get any more finished, as all I have is a psp file, and no prog to edit that with.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienUgggly background. I kinda like the blood on the sword though.
FireBallNice Sword, faces look good too...

IF you need a program, try out Jasc Paint Shop Pro, there's a free 30 day trial, and it'll let you open that psp file and convert it to a gif or somesuch.
krazzyaaaaa drow preistess run before the wraith of lloth is upon you!!!!!!! not a good fate..
i_like_shiny_thingsAnd you thought YOU were having a bad day...
i_like_shiny_thingsBTW, does anyone besides me notice that standing, the light elf would only go up to the drow's waist? Is that on purpose?
DragonWriterBackground looks like Sinfest\'s.
DragonRyderWHAT IS A DROW??!!?!!!?!!!?!!!!???
Shadow PhoenixDrow = Dark elf. In D&D they live underground and worship an evil spider goddess named Lloth (With one exception). I think the kneeling elf was some poor above-ground kid who accidently wandered into the Underdark, thereby offending the drow.
Lessa Lynna psp file is indeed from Jasc/Corel Paint Shop Pro. If you ever wanted it converted to say a .png that photoshop could use, just give me a yell. smash_mouth_20 @
AlienThanks, I appreciate that, but the image is layered heavily, and pngs don't do layers.
MoiI love the arms of the drow, they are shapely and realistic.


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