Basking in the sun

Old, coloured pencil sketch. Just to try it out, pretty much. It was probably not finished.

Added 1969-12-31


AlienLooks dirty...
Nevyni loved this drawing :D that the drawing looks "dirty" just gives it a charm :)
PsyMar...That's Leaf, isn't it?
Sigh... why must all the hot elven chicks actually turn out to be male?
krazzyleafs a gold elf! wow picture brings it out in him...
NastibanNice picture really like the dirt feeling.
Lol PsyMar.. sorry *pulls it together*
Apologetic personSorry, but your pictures of guys look like girls. Work on making them look more like guys.I know elves are supposed to be fair, but try not to make it quite to that extent. It is very good though.
MoiI love your traditional media work!


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Chasing the Sunset
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