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Slight delay

Created Sun 24 Apr 16 - 11:11 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News

Update: It will be up thursday morning. We found an error in some previous strips and had to do some graphical retcons, causing delays.

Hey all,

Sorry about this, but monday's comic will be delayed by one or two days. I'm simply not feeling well enough mentally this weekend to finish it, and I have some video editing work I have to finish for a non-profit either way.


PulsyNo problem! :-)

*transmits some happiness to Mith by cosmic radiation*
hkmaly... previous strips how far back?
IrishDrinkerTake your time. Most of us were here for the two year hiatus, we can be here for a few days :)
PulsyI've been looking but i couldn't find any differences yet. I wonder if they will stand out :-)