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Created Mon 23 May 16 - 4:06 by Mithandir in category Chasing the Sunset News

Sorry for delays in getting comic out. I've been in too dark a place mentally to work on it. I'll try to do it soon.


MadeleinePlease, please, please don't be sorry. Take your time, and please be a friend to yourself. Everything you've shared here has been a gift. (Thank you!) I think you should feel like it's *totally* fine to do this in your own time, only if/when you're up for it.
PulsyWe should go on a quest for mental illumination items! *starts packing*

On a more serious note - take all the time you need. We're fans: when there is a new comic, we enjoy it. When there is no comic, we cheer you on :-)

WinterbayTake your time. Your mental well-being is way more important than the continuation of the story, however happy it makes me that it was back :)
IrishDrinkerAs stated before, take your time. Enjoy yourself. Take time for you and the family. We will be here :)
Red ShadowHey, we stuck around for two years of no updates. Pretty sure we could handle that again if that's what you need. Hope you feel better soon, though!
Flor!@nTake your time :)
To be honest, I thought the website was not running anymore, and i'm happy to see you came back with new Chapter !
I really enjoy your comic.
Big up from France ! :)
Lex-KatHope you are feeling better. Love the comic. *hugs*
loftsGlad you have got out of that dark place and are making it happen!